Embrionic Grand Chemical LP. came into existence in 1982. Since then Grand Chemical grew steadily with two other wholly-owned subsidiaries which are Grand Chemical Far East Ltd. and Ecogrand Co., Ltd. to form Grand Chemical Companies with a complement of 100 employees.

              Grand Chemical Companies primarily import chemicals directly from reputed international manufacturers such as Solvay, Ineos, Bayer, BASF, Occidental, Aragonesas, Jungbunzlauer, OMG, Avebene-Tembec, Brotherton, Sakai, Molymet, etc. on exclusive & non-exclusive basis and distributes to over 400 customers in the Kingdom.

              Grand Chemical Companies keep stock over 200 quality chemicals and thus can carter to a wide variety of customers' requirement at short notices and competitive prices. Stocks comprehensively cover chemicals for industrial, food & beverages, electronic, water-treatment, agriculture, animal feed, cosmetics, cannery, brewery and pharmaceutical applications.

              Grand Chemical Companies deliver chemicals directly to all customers with their own transport system which ensures full-proved and timely deliveries.


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